Control Infant Regurgitation With a Wedge Pillow

Adult, children and most common small babies can suffer from regurgitation at some stage of their lives and it is not uncommon. It can affect 4 out of 10 babies so it is not uncommon and it does not mean that yo r baby is unhealthy at all.

By taking certain measures you can reduce the risk of this and we will discuss that in this post.

The regurgitation of food is caused by stomach acid moving towards the throat and this causing the reaction.

A baby wedge pillow can help this problem by lifting the top half of the body to a certain angle, and the ideal degree is 18. This will keep the acid from moving upwards towards the throat so the reaction does not happen.

It is a good idea to have the pillow fit as much as possible in the cot so it does not move about. This will ensure that your baby is as comfortable as possible. If your cot is not of a standard size and is slightly larger than normal, you may be able to have a custom pillow made to the size that you want. As mentioned, this does not only affect infants and children and adults can also suffer. If his is the case you will be able to a pillow in child and adult size variations. You can buy a baby wedge pillow

It has been suggested that by using normal pillow or a blanket to elevate the bodies position can help. This is not the case as it can cause overheating and a poor sleeping position if moved around.

You can watch the video below for a little more information on this subject.


Should you have concerns about your babies health, you should always consult with your local practitioner or in serious cases call an emergency doctor.