Recycling in 2016

In the United Kingdom, we produce a massive amount of waste every year which is over twenty million tons and this is constantly on the rise due to a number of factors.

Many companies that produce packaging for their products these day produce material that can be recycled which is environmentally friendly and can also be made into something else at a later stage which helps reduces waste in our bins.

There are a number of methods that are used when disposing of household and business waste and we will describe them briefly in this article.

The first and probably the oldest is for a rubbish removal company to dispose of food and general waste is to use a landfill. The way this works is that in basic terms a giant hole is dug up and rubbish is put in it until the hole is full. Once this is done, it is then covered up and another built. The problem is, is that some material lasts for many years and takes a long time to decompose. On a more positive note, the rubbish once covered the gases that are produced can be used for producing energy.

Also incineration is a process that is widely used to dispose of unwanted items and although the most damaging of waste removal, energy can also be produced from this method and turned into electricity.

The most popular and modern method is Eco-friendly rubbish removal to recycle materials so that they can be use. This takes pressure off of the landfill and and incineration also. Local councils provide additional smaller bins that you can put your plastic bottle, metal cans and recyclable packaging in. This will save space in your main rubbish bin giving you more room. Things like glass, paper, car and certain metals can be re-cycled.