If you are thinking or changing the look of your home and at the same time saving some energy, you may wish to consider swapping the current lighting that you use to LED. You will have a smart modern feel to your home and possibly save some money on your monthly electricity bill.

By doing this, you will use up to 90% less energy which is not only good for your pocket but the environment also.

LED Lighting

Another massive benefit is that these bulbs will last for many years and do not need to be replaced very often and you will also save on replacement bulb costs.

LED bulbs look no different now to the traditional types so there will be drastic change in looks, just better quality lighting throughout.

Older style bulbs take a little while when switched on to reach full brightness. LED bulbs are instant with no waiting around to illuminate your room.

Although LED is quite well known, the technology is still relatively new. The modern types are 100% better than when these was first introduced and are improving all the time. They are also less expensive as the price has been reduced significantly over the years to make them more affordable and accessible to the average household.

There are many types of bulb available and you can find a range of colours and different brightness levels to suit all tastes.

LED Ligting Board

If you are thinking about converting, it would be advisable to buy just one bulb at the start to test. This will save you the hassle of returning for a refund if you feel they are not suitable for you.

The way that a LED bulb works is different to the way a normal bulb performs. Electric is passed through a semi-conductor which enables light to appear. You are still able to use a dimmer switch with LED bulbs and have no need to change this if you already have them installed. Check the bulb packaging first to ensure they will work with your current equipment.

LED bulbs are Eco friendly and store no toxins with no UV emissions.

If you are looking to have new lights installed and are looking for an home automation system it is best to have a qualified electrician do the job for you instead of doing it yourself.

Moving home is a big change for the family and it can also amount to a lot of hard word especially if you been at the particular property for many years. You may not realise or may have forgotten how much stuff you have built up over that period of time.

There is a certain amount of planning involved in this transition and a lot of loose ends to tie up before you can settle down and enjoy you new chapter in your life.

It would be a good idea to draw up a list of things that you need to do and start to prioritise. You will need to change your address with important companies like your bank and local council. Also you will pay the last installment of your utility bills and notify the change of address if you want to continue with them.

If you have a large family and are willing to put in the effort then you can do all of the hard work yourself. You may need to hire a vehicle if you do not own a van which can be a little costly.

Alternatively, you could hire a house removal firm to plan, box up and safely transport all of your possessions to your new home. This will suit a person that would maybe live alone or does not have any family to help them out.

This way you will avoid all of the heavy lifting that is involved and packing up so you can concentrate on other matters. You an find a decent company by researching your local area online or even in the local newspaper.

http://www.k1removals.co.uk is an example of a decent company website that you should be looking for. Look for the reviews section from the past customers that are happy with the work and have submitted a testimonial. You can also check out there blog for further advice.

Fitted wardrobes are a great way to save space and give your bedroom a great new look. As well as looking fantastic they are very practical and they can still store everything you need.

There are a number of different styles available for you to choose from which will suit all types of room no matter the style or decoration that you currently have.

These type of wardrobes can be free standing or even built into your wall. The type of wardrobe that you can installed will depend the size of your room It would be wise to measure the exact room size beforehand so you know what your limits will be.

You can have this type wardrobe made from a variety of different materials. From wood to plastics and metal. They can even be made from canvas and various other fabrics. You can also have mirrors on the doors which would add some extra light to the room at the same time of being practical.

Sliding doors or panels are a popular choice when having a fitted wardrobe installed and you can even have some addition drawers to store the smaller items that you have like underwear. Again, depending on the actual size of the room you can have more than two doors. Three and four door options are available for people with large amounts to store away and keep hidden from view.

You can find a company to design your fitted wardrobes in london custom wardrobes for you or an interior designer if you want the whole room decorated. You can try one of the big DIY store chains to help you or maybe a smaller local independent firm.

If you go to the business premises, often you will be able to view a display to see the wardrobes close up so you can see close up and view inside. Shop around as much as possible and search online for the best options available. If your budget permits, don’t just go for the cheapest. You get what you pay for and as wardrobes can be a little expensive you do not want to pay out again after a few years. You want them to last you for years to come, so paying just a little extra may prevent this from happening.

You can watch the clip below for some bedroom decoration tips! or check out the FCI Facebook page