A Guide to Britain’s Green Spaces

Britain is one of the greatest countries in the world, a wealthy nation that has attracts numerous visitors each year. The numbers of beautiful places that one can visit in Britain are endless. Among such places that one can easily walk to and have great fun and pleasure include the green spaces. The parks and other green places in Britain are indeed numerous. Here is a simple guide to some of the beautiful green spaces in Britain.

  • Kensington Gardens is one of the greatest retreats in London. The manicured lawns in this garden are indeed inspirational
  • Woolthorpe Manor is one of the most symbolic green spaces in Britain. It is the first ever green space to have received the first green plaque of Sherwood forest. It’s also the famous home of the outlawed Robin Hood. It is also the green space where it is believed that the tree under which Sir Isaac Newton made his first discovery is still found. Nottingham Royal forest was voted the top preferred garden and park by most Britons due to its association with historic features and film making.
  • Flatford Mill located in Suffolk-Essex border is also one of the top green spaces that one can visit and enjoy
  • Other nice green spaces that have featured in top ten Britain’s green spaces include Hay Wain, Regent’s park, Beatrix Potter’s Lake District, Alnwick Castle and Plymouth hoe

Spokesperson on the environment Andrew Charalambous is a keen supporer to protect the open spaces on the UK. You can read the Andrew Charalambous Green Article here or read his official log at www.andrewcharalambous.com or visit the Andrew Charalambous on Twitter

Most of the green spaces in Britain are associated with some inspiring and quite interesting stories. The parks are always neat, and very ideal for relaxing or rewinding, even get to mingle with nature. Most Green parks within the UK are under the care of local authorities, while a few others are privately run and managed.  These green spaces are a must visit for anyone visiting this great country for the first time.