If you are thinking or changing the look of your home and at the same time saving some energy, you may wish to consider swapping the current lighting that you use to LED. You will have a smart modern feel to your home and possibly save some money on your monthly electricity bill.

By doing this, you will use up to 90% less energy which is not only good for your pocket but the environment also.

LED Lighting

Another massive benefit is that these bulbs will last for many years and do not need to be replaced very often and you will also save on replacement bulb costs.

LED bulbs look no different now to the traditional types so there will be drastic change in looks, just better quality lighting throughout.

Older style bulbs take a little while when switched on to reach full brightness. LED bulbs are instant with no waiting around to illuminate your room.

Although LED is quite well known, the technology is still relatively new. The modern types are 100% better than when these was first introduced and are improving all the time. They are also less expensive as the price has been reduced significantly over the years to make them more affordable and accessible to the average household.

There are many types of bulb available and you can find a range of colours and different brightness levels to suit all tastes.

LED Ligting Board

If you are thinking about converting, it would be advisable to buy just one bulb at the start to test. This will save you the hassle of returning for a refund if you feel they are not suitable for you.

The way that a LED bulb works is different to the way a normal bulb performs. Electric is passed through a semi-conductor which enables light to appear. You are still able to use a dimmer switch with LED bulbs and have no need to change this if you already have them installed. Check the bulb packaging first to ensure they will work with your current equipment.

LED bulbs are Eco friendly and store no toxins with no UV emissions.

If you are looking to have new lights installed and are looking for an home automation system it is best to have a qualified electrician do the job for you instead of doing it yourself.

Adult, children and most common small babies can suffer from regurgitation at some stage of their lives and it is not uncommon. It can affect 4 out of 10 babies so it is not uncommon and it does not mean that yo r baby is unhealthy at all.

By taking certain measures you can reduce the risk of this and we will discuss that in this post.

The regurgitation of food is caused by stomach acid moving towards the throat and this causing the reaction.

A baby wedge pillow can help this problem by lifting the top half of the body to a certain angle, and the ideal degree is 18. This will keep the acid from moving upwards towards the throat so the reaction does not happen.

It is a good idea to have the pillow fit as much as possible in the cot so it does not move about. This will ensure that your baby is as comfortable as possible. If your cot is not of a standard size and is slightly larger than normal, you may be able to have a custom pillow made to the size that you want. As mentioned, this does not only affect infants and children and adults can also suffer. If his is the case you will be able to a pillow in child and adult size variations. You can buy a baby wedge pillow

It has been suggested that by using normal pillow or a blanket to elevate the bodies position can help. This is not the case as it can cause overheating and a poor sleeping position if moved around.

You can watch the video below for a little more information on this subject.


Should you have concerns about your babies health, you should always consult with your local practitioner or in serious cases call an emergency doctor.

Moving home is a big change for the family and it can also amount to a lot of hard word especially if you been at the particular property for many years. You may not realise or may have forgotten how much stuff you have built up over that period of time.

There is a certain amount of planning involved in this transition and a lot of loose ends to tie up before you can settle down and enjoy you new chapter in your life.

It would be a good idea to draw up a list of things that you need to do and start to prioritise. You will need to change your address with important companies like your bank and local council. Also you will pay the last installment of your utility bills and notify the change of address if you want to continue with them.

If you have a large family and are willing to put in the effort then you can do all of the hard work yourself. You may need to hire a vehicle if you do not own a van which can be a little costly.

Alternatively, you could hire a house removal firm to plan, box up and safely transport all of your possessions to your new home. This will suit a person that would maybe live alone or does not have any family to help them out.

This way you will avoid all of the heavy lifting that is involved and packing up so you can concentrate on other matters. You an find a decent company by researching your local area online or even in the local newspaper.

http://www.k1removals.co.uk is an example of a decent company website that you should be looking for. Look for the reviews section from the past customers that are happy with the work and have submitted a testimonial. You can also check out there blog for further advice.

Britain is one of the greatest countries in the world, a wealthy nation that has attracts numerous visitors each year. The numbers of beautiful places that one can visit in Britain are endless. Among such places that one can easily walk to and have great fun and pleasure include the green spaces. The parks and other green places in Britain are indeed numerous. Here is a simple guide to some of the beautiful green spaces in Britain.

  • Kensington Gardens is one of the greatest retreats in London. The manicured lawns in this garden are indeed inspirational
  • Woolthorpe Manor is one of the most symbolic green spaces in Britain. It is the first ever green space to have received the first green plaque of Sherwood forest. It’s also the famous home of the outlawed Robin Hood. It is also the green space where it is believed that the tree under which Sir Isaac Newton made his first discovery is still found. Nottingham Royal forest was voted the top preferred garden and park by most Britons due to its association with historic features and film making.
  • Flatford Mill located in Suffolk-Essex border is also one of the top green spaces that one can visit and enjoy
  • Other nice green spaces that have featured in top ten Britain’s green spaces include Hay Wain, Regent’s park, Beatrix Potter’s Lake District, Alnwick Castle and Plymouth hoe

Spokesperson on the environment Andrew Charalambous is a keen supporer to protect the open spaces on the UK. You can read the Andrew Charalambous Green Article here or read his official log at www.andrewcharalambous.com or visit the Andrew Charalambous on Twitter

Most of the green spaces in Britain are associated with some inspiring and quite interesting stories. The parks are always neat, and very ideal for relaxing or rewinding, even get to mingle with nature. Most Green parks within the UK are under the care of local authorities, while a few others are privately run and managed.  These green spaces are a must visit for anyone visiting this great country for the first time.

In the United Kingdom, we produce a massive amount of waste every year which is over twenty million tons and this is constantly on the rise due to a number of factors.

Many companies that produce packaging for their products these day produce material that can be recycled which is environmentally friendly and can also be made into something else at a later stage which helps reduces waste in our bins.

There are a number of methods that are used when disposing of household and business waste and we will describe them briefly in this article.

The first and probably the oldest is for a rubbish removal company to dispose of food and general waste is to use a landfill. The way this works is that in basic terms a giant hole is dug up and rubbish is put in it until the hole is full. Once this is done, it is then covered up and another built. The problem is, is that some material lasts for many years and takes a long time to decompose. On a more positive note, the rubbish once covered the gases that are produced can be used for producing energy.

Also incineration is a process that is widely used to dispose of unwanted items and although the most damaging of waste removal, energy can also be produced from this method and turned into electricity.

The most popular and modern method is Eco-friendly rubbish removal to recycle materials so that they can be use. This takes pressure off of the landfill and and incineration also. Local councils provide additional smaller bins that you can put your plastic bottle, metal cans and recyclable packaging in. This will save space in your main rubbish bin giving you more room. Things like glass, paper, car and certain metals can be re-cycled.


Fitted wardrobes are a great way to save space and give your bedroom a great new look. As well as looking fantastic they are very practical and they can still store everything you need.

There are a number of different styles available for you to choose from which will suit all types of room no matter the style or decoration that you currently have.

These type of wardrobes can be free standing or even built into your wall. The type of wardrobe that you can installed will depend the size of your room It would be wise to measure the exact room size beforehand so you know what your limits will be.

You can have this type wardrobe made from a variety of different materials. From wood to plastics and metal. They can even be made from canvas and various other fabrics. You can also have mirrors on the doors which would add some extra light to the room at the same time of being practical.

Sliding doors or panels are a popular choice when having a fitted wardrobe installed and you can even have some addition drawers to store the smaller items that you have like underwear. Again, depending on the actual size of the room you can have more than two doors. Three and four door options are available for people with large amounts to store away and keep hidden from view.

You can find a company to design your fitted wardrobes in london custom wardrobes for you or an interior designer if you want the whole room decorated. You can try one of the big DIY store chains to help you or maybe a smaller local independent firm.

If you go to the business premises, often you will be able to view a display to see the wardrobes close up so you can see close up and view inside. Shop around as much as possible and search online for the best options available. If your budget permits, don’t just go for the cheapest. You get what you pay for and as wardrobes can be a little expensive you do not want to pay out again after a few years. You want them to last you for years to come, so paying just a little extra may prevent this from happening.

You can watch the clip below for some bedroom decoration tips! or check out the FCI Facebook page



Cleanliness starts from home. If we want our country or environment to stay clean we must start from home. There are simple steps which one can do in order to make our surrounding clean and healthy. Waste clearance london can be done effectively through a right service provider.


Waste should be collected separately

The solid and liquid waste should be collected separately because their disposal has different treatments.

Plastic bottles should not be used

Plastic is a material which takes millions of years to decompose and it is the last thing one can use in their homes. Instead paper bags should be used which is environment friendly and cost effective too.

Microwave should be used less for cooking

If cooking is done using microwave more packaging materials will be used which will lead to more waste generation and harm the aesthetic beauty of the place.

Dustbins should be there in each room

In order to keep every area of house clean dustbins should be put at every corner.

Vegetable and fruit waste

The waste generated by this source has to be dumped in a proper manner and they can be dumped in the gardens of homes. It will help as a manure as well and waste will be discharged in a wise manner. Also look upon house clearance london where you can get the best house clearance services. Check manor clearance on fb also.

Braces are devices used by orthodontists to align teeth and help position them with regard to the person’s bite, thus improving the dental health. Braces and retainers are used to correct under bites, malocclusions, overbites, open bites, deep bites, cross bites, crooked teeth and any other flaws in the teeth and jaws.  They are used together with other orthodontic appliances to help position and move the jaws and teeth.

In today’s era, the world has come to realize that orthodontic treatment from an private orthodontist is a necessity and not a luxury for the moneyed. Fixing misaligned teeth prevents long term problems like severe tooth wear and premature tooth loss. Orthodontic evaluations are done to kids aged 6-10 years old. Aligners were introduced because most people did not want to wear braces as their highly visible nature attracted undue attention.

Braces date back to the ancient times when scholars and physicians contemplated ways in straightening the teeth.  By the 18th century, much progress had been achieved. London orthodontists began improvising on their skills in the 18th century. Different scholars who studied the anatomy of teeth and jaws helped in improving the jaw appearance and setup of teeth.

By the 19th century, dentists helped in advancing dental braces; the braces were often made of special metal. In the 20th century, Edward Angle came up with a simple way to classify malocclusions. This system is still used to date by dentists in describing how one’s teeth are arranged. Through this knowledge, dentists were able to specify the various dental conditions, and possible treatment options; orthodontics as a branch of dentistry was officially founded.  Textbooks were published and dentists would further their studies in order to qualify as orthodontists. As time went by, orthodontists designed a variety of braces. Patients could now choose from a variety of braces for adults.


Today, braces such as invisible braces are available in form of invisible braces, clear braces, ceramic braces, to mention but few.

Leaving rubbish, especially food waste around in the garden or having overflowing bins could cause a health hazard. You should keep rubbish away in large bins or containers that are closed so no pest can make a mess and spread germs.

If you produce a large amount of waste, then it may benefit you to hire a waste removal company.

There are a number of factors that you should consider before picking a company.

By searching in the search bar for something on the lines of rubbish removal London or another area, you will find a number of websites on the first page.

Be sure to complete some research beforehand to get the right licensed company.

The firm should have a clear website that outlines their services and prices clearly. It is also a good idea to see if they have a testimonial section so you can find out what past customers thought of them.

The company should also have the required Health and Safety license’s and insurance to complete the job properly and safely. These should be displayed clearly on the homepage.

Current photos are also worth viewing on the website which may display the most up to date work. Things to look out for are smart vehicles and smart tidy staff. You could also phone the company to ask for a quote. If the staff are friendly and polite, that would be a good sign.

Be clear on the price and make sure there are no hidden extras involved.

You could ask around your neighborhood for any recommendations from firms that have done a nice clean job in the past.